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Which flower blames other because it is yellow ?

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 12, 2021

When the word racism is mentioned what comes to mind ? Racism is an ideology that defensing “1>1” proposition. If we check dictionary, it defined as “ A belief that other races of people not as good as your own.” Recently today, we can explain it as a qualmish sickness. Racism is one of the […]

Poverty and Gender Inequality

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 9, 2021

Paula Tavares and Natalia Martins evaluate the economic conditions for women during the Covid-19 pandemic process in their article “We Can’t End Poverty Without Tackling Gender Inequality” published in the World Bank Blogs on 16th October 2020. Tavares and Martins highlight gender inequality, claiming that we are going against the goal of ending poverty by 2030. […]

Driverless Cars

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 29, 2020

In his 2016 article, “Driverless Cars Works Great in Sunny California. But How about in Blizzard?” Brian Fung, a Washington Post writer questions whether driverless cars are prepared for unforgiving climate conditions. He cites analysts saying that driverless cars are not prepared however due to a number of challenges. To clarify his point, he highlights […]

Dispelling The Myth of Robotic Efficiency

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 24, 2020

In his article ” Dispelling the myth of robotic efficiency ” Crawford (2012) argues that if space travel is made to learn about the Universe, robots should be used instead of astronauts for best results. The author is right, arguing that people are more beneficial than robots and that people react according to their senses […]

3D Power

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 17, 2020

According to Steven Lukes who is a British political and social theorist, power has 3 dimensions. The first of these is the concept he calls “One Dimensional Power”. According to this concept, it is a successful venture where A gets B do something that B would not otherwise do. It is the power that A […]

Peace Threat

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment November 24, 2020

Many of the conflicts in today are connected to the nationalism, but nationalism is not always a bad concept. If people’s of any country support the civic nationalism, there is no problem at there. However, ethnic nationalism is a totally different concept. There is an opinion that any nation is superior to others in ethnic […]

The Geography of Spending Money

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 29, 2020

Money is crucial means of exchange. We give it to get services, goods and anything satisfies our needs. It symbolizes our purchasing power and financial state. Some people prefer to spend all their money on vacations and funny journeys, while others would rather save it up for possible important needs in the future. In this […]


By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 21, 2020

When we talk about capitalism, we ought to know it is a very long process to understand. Moreover, it’s effects are huge and easily seen by anyone all around the world. To figure out those negative effects we should analyze it in many ways. Because capitalism had come with many impacts, we should seperate that […]

Is Globalisation a Good Phenomenon

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Today, there are many different views for globalization. Since the West’s level of development and the origin of social welfare movements, globalization is thought to be of great benefit to humanity because the West plays an important role in globalization. With the fact that globalization is a benefit for humanity, it is not true assumptions […]