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Category: Science


By Ashley Riley 0 Comment September 4, 2020

Leukemia is known as the proliferation of malignant blood cells in the world. Leukemia is becoming major dangerous power in many parts of the World. This disease, which people are afraid of, causes bad effects in our body that we cannot resist. While this bad illness that develops beyond our control feels a sense of […]


By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Since social sciences are not experimental like other formal sciences, they do not give the same data / results everywhere and in every situation. Precise conclusions cannot be drawn, as the variables are difficult to analyze and distinguish due to their differences and structures. Although this situation is close to instrumentalism, it is fundamentally different. […]

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

If we simply define the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis, it means that language determines the way the person understands the world. There are many examples that demonstrate this situation, which is a hypothesis that languages affect the way people think. For example, in some regions, the concepts of east-west are used instead of concepts such as […]

Mandela Effect

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

People tend to believe in the scenarios produced by their minds when they do not have enough concrete evidence against any event. Our memory also ignores the particles that make up the event while recording the events. When this happens, events and situations that happened in the past but are not certain are valued beyond […]