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By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 10, 2021

John Locke lived later than Hobbes, and it coincided with the “Glorious Revolution” era. According to Locke, Leviathan is a state where people protect themselves but are content with allegiance to power. The reason people feel safe is that people are watched over by a “lion”. From Locke’s point of view, human beings are in […]


By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 29, 2020

Let’s examine the perspectives of these three famous thinkers who made great contributions to the science of sociology.   According to Weber, Societies become rational with each passing time. The reason for this is the need for information. A bureaucracy arises since it will bring specialization as well as knowledge. This bureaucracy is similar to […]

Driverless Cars

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 29, 2020

In his 2016 article, “Driverless Cars Works Great in Sunny California. But How about in Blizzard?” Brian Fung, a Washington Post writer questions whether driverless cars are prepared for unforgiving climate conditions. He cites analysts saying that driverless cars are not prepared however due to a number of challenges. To clarify his point, he highlights […]

3D Power

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 17, 2020

According to Steven Lukes who is a British political and social theorist, power has 3 dimensions. The first of these is the concept he calls “One Dimensional Power”. According to this concept, it is a successful venture where A gets B do something that B would not otherwise do. It is the power that A […]


By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 10, 2020

Gramsci says that the ownership of the means of production is not the grant of the ruling class monopolizing power over society. In order to maintain its leadership and dominance, the ruling class has to win the support of other members of society, which it provides through “hegemony”. He does not believe that the ruling […]

Sleeping is More Than You Think

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 21, 2020

Most of the people love sleeping. Some of them even do not want to get out of bed for hours. They want to sleep more and more. Have you ever thought about how many hours you slept or whether you were sleeping effectively at these times or not? Have you ever thought that this could […]


By Ashley Riley 0 Comment September 4, 2020

Leukemia is known as the proliferation of malignant blood cells in the world. Leukemia is becoming major dangerous power in many parts of the World. This disease, which people are afraid of, causes bad effects in our body that we cannot resist. While this bad illness that develops beyond our control feels a sense of […]


By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Since social sciences are not experimental like other formal sciences, they do not give the same data / results everywhere and in every situation. Precise conclusions cannot be drawn, as the variables are difficult to analyze and distinguish due to their differences and structures. Although this situation is close to instrumentalism, it is fundamentally different. […]

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

If we simply define the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis, it means that language determines the way the person understands the world. There are many examples that demonstrate this situation, which is a hypothesis that languages affect the way people think. For example, in some regions, the concepts of east-west are used instead of concepts such as […]

Mandela Effect

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

People tend to believe in the scenarios produced by their minds when they do not have enough concrete evidence against any event. Our memory also ignores the particles that make up the event while recording the events. When this happens, events and situations that happened in the past but are not certain are valued beyond […]