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Debating Life without University after Covid 19

Debating Life without University after Covid 19

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

    It is argued generally that youth should be educated after high school whether they should
be inclined to become, car mechanicers or builders so forth in order to become benefical person for
society, which may resulted from fast technological developmetns.
It is well known that universtiy education significant factor to prepare rewarding persons for
society. This may be explained by counciousness. That is because young people can develop
themselves certainly by obtaining new perceptions and schemes. For instance, they have
considerable opporunities through various society clubs such as Engineering, Philosophia and Cultur.
It is undeniable that universities may have a significant effect to have countable occupation which
are welcomed as a useful work for society. Doctors, lawyers and so forth need diplomas to start their
worklife. Hence, without universities, those may not be serve their obligations. However, it is
opposed by some tht cars, machines, buildins, etc. are not rely on diploma and university education.
To exemplify, cars can be produces and buildings can be constructured withoud goind university,
thanks to some special skills and education platforms, specially in century. Therefore, for those,
university became place where people waste their times .
Moreover, it is observed that universities’ educatiın are inadequate to implementation
technically, which causes to unintelligentness when they deal with problems at their work life. This
may be called as a creativeless due to their unworkable solutions.
Even if university education brings numerous benefits for students’ shames, their
imaginanitions, for some, time is restricted. Thus, youth people should be encouraged to start work
to become benefical human without relying on only universties.


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