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Why is Coronavirus Considered to be More Dangerous, Although not as Deadly as Other Outbreaks?

Why is Coronavirus Considered to be More Dangerous, Although not as Deadly as Other Outbreaks?

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

When we look at the statistics and the level of transmission of Coronavirus, it remains more
innocent among other epidemic diseases. As humanity, we encountered diseases that we had
difficulty in struggling throughout history, while some diseases were left behind, they left
superstitions behind, while some diseases were left behind, legends left behind stories. Today, we
are still witnessing the projections of disasters experienced in the past. For example, the word
quarantine comes from the waiting of merchant ships in the port for 40 days due to the plague
epidemic. Since we are at the very beginning of the road, whether the coronavirus has such an effect,
we cannot make a definitive comment. But, although not as deadly as other outbreaks, coronavirus
considered to be more dangerous. There are several reasons behind this situation. First of all, the
21st century is a period in which human rights and pluralist concepts such as democracy are
discussed and tried to be applied. Formerly, when you want to seperate your country from the
Kingdom which your country is dependence, you can encounter the army the next day in front of
your home, but now you can drink coffee while voting to seperate your country from the Kingdom.
Second, the value of human life was unknown and ignored as it is nowadays, during the period of old
outbreaks. Before the plague epidemic, the noses of smokers were cut for warning purposes in some
countries. Moreover, when the Spanish Flu emerged, there was a war on earth that universities could
not arrange graduation ball because students were taken to war. In this period when human deaths
were not newsworthy, the health condition of the person was not considered as important. Finally,
we are in a period that is the first in the history of humanity, where we are not affected by wars and
disasters globally. When we compare ourselves with someone who was born in the late 19th century
and felt the impact of the cold war after being witness to two World Wars and the Economic Crisis,
we are very lucky according to that person.
Considering all this, people faced a dangerous illness when they were going through a period
of more prevalence. Regardless, although some argue that the virus is not very dangerous according
to statistics, we should not forget that human life is not a statistics. The reason why coronavirus is
less deadly than others is not because of its innocence, but because others were very, very



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