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Sleeping is More Than You Think

Sleeping is More Than You Think

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 21, 2020

Most of the people love sleeping. Some of them even do not want to get out of bed for hours. They want to sleep more and more. Have you ever thought about how many hours you slept or whether you were sleeping effectively at these times or not? Have you ever thought that this could be some kind of disease? As Farruq and Hassan (2017) state that sleep disorder basically means not having adequate or decent sleep. Also, sleeping too much or too less is a kind of sleep disorder.  Sleep disorders do not affect by the noise and troubles but affected by long-lasting stressful situations. Sleep is also essential for both physical and mental rest.  Brain recover itself during sleep time. Therefore, people who have sleep disorders may experience different kinds of problems. Some of the sleep disturbances cause day-to-day sleep tendency, and it seems that they are even life-threatening. There are two main causes of sleep disorders, they are physiological and psychological.

To begin with, sleep disorders lead to falling asleep or sustaining difficulties, often leading to reduced quality of life and worsening of the person’s health. These difficulties can sometimes be caused by physiological reasons. One of the most important reason is sleep apnea which may result in death. Davis (2018) explained that sleep apnea is a short duration of breathing of patients while they are sleeping. The most common symptoms of these conditions are daytime sleepiness, loud snoring, and restless sleep. In addition to these symptoms, when the patient’s breath is stopped, he or she suddenly starts to grumble and wakes up, then continues to sleep. In other words, when a patient has sleep apnea, s/he has difficulty to sleep, which causes sleep disorders. Therefore, his or her sleep may not be effective because every time s/he tries to sleep they always wake up. In addition to sleep apnea, another important reason why sleep disorder occurs is cardiovascular problems. Dr. Nadig mentions that irregular heartbeat, chest pain and fluctuations in the heart rhythms are caused by cardiovascular problems. Such health problems cause restlessness and lack of sleep because a heart cannot pump enough blood to the entire body while people lie down (as cited in Dutta, 2018). In other words, due to the negative effect of health problems related to cardiovascular problems cause sleep disorders.

The second cause of sleep disorder is psychological reasons. Some of the psychological problems such as nocturia, depression, anxiety, psychological trauma, dependence on sedatives, adrenalin rush and parasomnias cause a sleep disorder. Especially, depression and anxiety play a huge role to get sleep disorder.  Firstly, depression is one of the most common psychological problems among patients, and it is the most common cause of sleep disorder. According to Farruq and Hassan, “It is one of the biggest causes of less sleep nowadays, and in all sorts of ages too. In a world where everybody has to worry about one thing or another to survive, it can be tough to not have depression; however, with proper treatment (psychotherapy, in some serious cases) it is curable.” (para. 9, 2017). In other words, they claim that depression affects sleep patterns. Secondly; anxiety also causes sleep disorders. According to the survey that includes university students which are 20 years old done by Amaranayake, Arroll, and Fernando (2014). Results show that 39.4% of students are suffering from sleep disorders due to the anxiety that they had during university life problems such as assignments and midterms. Also because of the anxiety students use alcohol and drugs to reduce their anxiety and such substances also affect their sleep patterns, increase the possibility of getting sleep disorders. So basically, anxiety can cause sleep disorders due to the effect of not having enough sleep.

In conclusion, the main causes of sleep disorders are physiological and psychological problems. Physiological problems that comes from sleep apnea that disturb people while sleeping and cardiovascular problems due to the fact that the heart cannot pump enough blood to the whole body while sleeping causes sleep disorders. Also; psychological problems cause sleep disorders because depression and anxiety break down the sleep patterns and make them sleepless. There are several numbers of methods that everyone may do to prevent sleep disorders. Some of these methods are trying to spend a stress-free day, consume healthy foods, create consistent sleep time layout, stay away from bad habits like alcohol and drugs and make a regular diet habit. Although these methods are a solution to prevent sleep disorders, they may not be accurate for everyone. These applications if done by people who have sleep disorder under control of a doctor, make it easier to overcome sleep disorders more accurately. In briefly, people who have a sleep disorder should consult a doctor, because there is no disorder that doctors cannot order. Are you all ready for a healthy and peaceful sleep now?  Sweet dreams.


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