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One Bullet Countless Losses

One Bullet Countless Losses

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment September 9, 2020

When Serbian Nationalists tried to assasinate[1] heir to the throne of Austrian-Hungary Empire, they may not think about the one bullet is going to kill not only nephew of the current King but also more than thousands of million people.

In order to understand Great War, we must take into the consideration of past 50 years. Agreement of Westphalia and Congress of Wien was based on separated Europe. After unification of Germany, the country was able to eliminate its neighbours. And After the completion of industrialization, increasing production and military investments drive the countries to militarizm, and Germany was the fastest. Otto Von Bismarck tried to make agreements with other dominations of Europeans, he tried to build Emperor Leagues with Austria-Russia and Italy. Disagreements over Poland between Russia and Austria, the causes of which will be learned later, have left these initial attempts nonconclusive. When the Kaizer of Germany changed and the new Kaiser could not agree with Bismarck, Bismarck resigned and the new wiev of International Affairs of Germany emerged: WeltPolitik. The Vienna Process, which has not been interrupted since the Crimean War, now led to sharp turns in diplomacy. Kissinger in his book argues that Diplomacy was not as clear as before and its core point was from that on based on power. Race of Guns pulled United Kingdom which was not very interested in Europe, to the continent and signed an agreement with Russia[2] and then France against Germany and Austria.

Altough First and Second Crisis of the Morocco between France and Germany and Bosnian Cris between Germany and Russia was very rigid, events did not drive them to conflict. However, ideas of French Revoliton which spread to whole continent was getting stronger day by day and these were treating the Empires which are consist of more than nations such as Austria-Hungary and Ottoman Empire. Nations desire to self-determination, which will be declared officialy by Wodrow Wilson after the war, was creating conflicts in the continent. Austria was concerning about its heterogeounus nations, France wanted back the Alsance-Lorene region, Russia was trying to disrupt Austria-Hungary Empire and Ottoman Empire’s old lands.

When Gavrilo touched his gun in order to kill, he could never tought militarism, militarian investments will beat diplomacy. War was called Great War because World did not be witness some clashes like that in before. According to the Hobsbawm in his book Short History of 20. Century, this war also effected the people who did not join to War.

People fought with others in places they have never seen before, they don’t even hear the local language before[3].



[1] The assassination was not successful in its first attempt. The fact that the assassinsare not successful people is understood from the corruptcy anide they drink even when trying to commit suicide after the assassination attempt. After attempting to assassinate, heir ofthe throne triesto be taken to a safer place and passes in front of Gavrilo Princip, who is sitting in a cafe sadly because he failed to assassinate. This time, Gavrilo does not fail, as in the first, and throws the first shot of the Great War.

[2]Meiji Restoration of Japan had rised power of the country. Russia lost the stuggle with Japan in Asia and they encountered a revolution in the lands.. Moreover, Russia could not carry back to its soldiers to their homelands in 3 years. Altough Russia was also getting stronger, because of its widelands, social state was not occur. 

[3] When Italy tried to make a frontier in Alps, it was unsuccesful attempt because of soldiers were could not mean to fight for people who they don’t share their national feelings. 



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