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Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 29, 2020

In his 2016 article, “Driverless Cars Works Great in Sunny California. But How about in Blizzard?” Brian Fung, a Washington Post writer questions whether driverless cars are prepared for unforgiving climate conditions. He cites analysts saying that driverless cars are not prepared however due to a number of challenges. To clarify his point, he highlights that driverless cars are more often than not tried in great climate conditions, but Google of late tried its driverless car in frigid climate and the test was for the most part fruitful. Fung recognizes that the forward radar innovation is the driverless car’s “super human feature,” but perceivability in difficult snow is still an issue since snow covering the sensors and the street may cause sensor breakdown. As a moment challenge, Fung gives disgraceful behavior. He proposes that human drivers know when to act despicably in blanketed climate, but whether self-driving cars will be able to memorize when to act despicably is still an issue. At long last, he gives security frameworks built



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