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Poverty and Gender Inequality

Poverty and Gender Inequality

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 9, 2021

Paula Tavares and Natalia Martins evaluate the economic conditions for women during the Covid-19 pandemic process in their article “We Can’t End Poverty Without Tackling Gender Inequality” published in the World Bank Blogs on 16th October 2020. Tavares and Martins highlight gender inequality, claiming that we are going against the goal of ending poverty by 2030. They argued that this gap will widen further as women represent the majority of poverty. They assert that during the Covid-19 crisis, the burden is mostly on the lower classes, and women are more oppressed under current conditions. Stating that although it is historical progress, this progress is not enough, the authors explain that women do not have legal remedies to resort to inhuman treatment against them, giving examples from developed countries. Offering solutions to further the impoverishment of women and protect them during the pandemic, Tavares and Martins recommend social protection programs to empower women. Moreover, focusing on the longer term, the Authors present the economic and legal changes that need to be made to reduce gender inequality. They conclude by emphasizing that men and women need to act together to reverse the crisis of the pandemic.


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