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The Geography of Spending Money

The Geography of Spending Money

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 29, 2020

Money is crucial means of exchange. We give it to get services, goods and anything satisfies our needs. It symbolizes our purchasing power and financial state. Some people prefer to spend all their money on vacations and funny journeys, while others would rather save it up for possible important needs in the future. In this regard, I strongly agree with the choice for a couple of reasons. Is life enough to delay having fun? And is there any guarantee that we would enjoy our money upon saving it?

It can be noted that people should prefer to spend money all their money on vacations and funny journeys because they make money for a beautiful and quality life. If they don’t spend money for their life, money doesn’t mean anything. This time, they work for nothing. Can you think that you stay at home on holiday while your friends go to Rio de Janerio and they swim in Copacabana beach? They enjoy on their life, however, you watch the silly programme on television at home. That is not a logical choice. It can damage your psychology because people need to get fun. For this reason, Some applications were creatived by companies or governments. For Example, Although Japan is big industrial country, Japan government encourages workers about going abroad.  13.267 Japanese Tourists visited Middle Eeast in February 2019. It means that Japaneses satisfy their vacation and other needs by their government’s encouragement.

So, People tend to prefer to spend money on vacations and funny journeys because in this way they contribute their country’s economic state. Economists said that if people spend money, it helps to develop an economic state.  For example, Greece Government countenance to doing shopping in Economic Crisis in Greece.


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