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Flour Halva Recipe

Flour Halva Recipe

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment April 27, 2020

Ingredients for Flour Halva Recipe

170 grams of butter (or margarine)

1.5 cups of your


For the syrup:

2 cups of water

1 cup of powdered sugar


Cooking Proposal of Flour Halva Recipe

-You can prepare the sherbet of the dessert with water instead of milk, and you can use nuts or pistachios instead of walnuts in halva.


How to Make Flour Halva?

1- In a saucepan, mix the water and sugar well until they dissolve. When it becomes slightly hot, remove it from the stove.

2- Take the butter into a thick, non-flammable non-stick pan and melt.

3- Then add the sifted flour little by little.

4- Start roasting the flour you added.

5- As it is roasted, its color will darken and it will take a liquid consistency. The roasting process can take up to 10-15 minutes. Do this process over medium heat. When it comes to dark consistency, give sherbet.

6- Start by adding the slightly cooled sherbet to your hot halva. On the other hand, mix well.

7- As you absorb the syrup, your halva will begin to darken. It means that it has reached the serving stage when its consistency has sat well and solidified.

8- Shape your hot halva with the help of a wooden spoon, ice cream spoon or tablespoon. As it cools, it will solidify. It is easier for you to shape it before it cools down completely.

9- After resting the candy halves for a while, decorate it with walnuts or different nuts. Your flour halva is ready for service! Enjoy your meal!

Service Proposal of Flour Halva Recipe

If you wish, you can cool this flavor with a ball of ice cream.


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