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Be nice, Share Slices

Be nice, Share Slices

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 8, 2020

The term pizza comes from the Latin verb “pinsere” which means :

crush and grind.

Pizza has been consumed for centuries as the indispensable flavor of the poor Italian people with the combination of mozzarella cheese and tomatoes.

The story of his worldwide fame is even stranger. According to sources, it began in 1889 when the Queen (or princess, the exact date is unknown) when Margherita tasted pizza garnished with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil. They made this Pizza special for Margherita.

The pizza, which has been consumed by the poor people until this date, started to be on the table of the rich people after the Queen liked the pizza offered to her and sent a letter of thanks to the cook and reached the present day. Moreover, it became larger than just a food. In elementary geometry, the pizza theorem states the equality of two areas that arise when one partitions a disk in a certain way


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