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Dvorak the Antonin

Dvorak the Antonin

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Dvorak is perhaps one of the most interesting artists ever born. He was so scattered that he
could not find the compositions he wrote, he forgot about his messy face and wrote it all over again.
Considering the symphonies that he couldn’t reach because he lost his notes, it is not even a job to
question what we missed. When you listen to Dvorak’s Prague Waltz and walk through the city
streets, you feel yourself in a medieval tale. Dvorak not only helped us as music and art, but also to
grasp the social meanings of the period.
Listening to Dvorak’s music and thinking about its works can give the person important ideas
about the last period of the 19th century. In this period, the definition of the nation-state in Europe
began to become clearer and the nationalism trend began to harden. The effects of economic
troubles and social crises, such as the effect of the age of intelligence, the universal mind and logic,
are replaced by points of view where ethnic differences are emphasized. These freshness and
political transformations gained important grounds thanks to the theses put forward by scientists in
the same direction.


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