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End Justification the Means

End Justification the Means

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 10, 2021

Ethical debates should be made in this discourse of Machiavelli. Rather than referring to Immanuel Kant’s debates on universal morality, if we examine it more simply, where the goal legitimates the means, it is important what the goal is, to whom and to what it is good. Since I think that politics should not be separated from ethics because politics is a human-based science and practice, I do not find Machiavelli’s statement to be justified. Because to give Machiavelli his right is to justify what Hitler did against the minorities in his own country and the peoples in the surrounding countries. It is necessary to evaluate Machiavelli under the period and conditions in which he lived. Machiavelli lived at a time when Italy was fragmented and became a clear threat to the surrounding countries. According to him, the sole purpose of the ruler at the head of the state should be to keep the state alive and to increase the power of the state, and everything can be done for this cause and every tool to be used is legitimate. Moreover, according to Machiavelli, it is completely normal for the ruler to act ruthlessly and bully while trying to maintain his own existence by force. Machiavelli also referred to Secularism, but not because it was Secular (although it is thought to be an atheist), but because the state administrator should not take into account the moral, ethical, and religious dimensions of any decision. According to him, the ruler should implement what is morally evil, religiously sin and forbidden, if necessary. Adding all this, as I have just stated, since “ethics” is relative and there is no definite definition of universal ethics, the idea of ​​”end justification the means” has been the motivation of most radical organizations today. If we take politics out of ethics, we will witness more massacres and atrocities.

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