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From Spears to Mills

From Spears to Mills

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

While the revolutions shaking the world are counted, the revolution of the Americans
and the revolution of the Frenchs and Bolsheviks are listed firsly. Oppenheimer’s invention,
the discovery of the smallpox, and even the invention of the printing press, are likely to be
ignored. But above all else, the agricultural revolution that started the transition to settled
life cannot find itself in this ranking. After the agricultural revolution, we started living in an
order by settling down to life, we established cities and created civilizations with “added
value”. By creating law enforcement forces, we were able to restrict Criminals to living in a
specific area instead of stamping them. Instead of chasing a predator for feeding, we
watered our crops. We developed trade. So what other changes did we encounter?
There are truly differences among Paleolithic age and Neolitic age in terms of
lifestlye. The first distinction become the amount time of feeding themselves. People
residing in Paleolithic Age had more time after feeding themselves than humans living in
Neolithic age. People in Paleolithic Age were hunting / accumulating for dwelling on and this
process changed into not taking plenty time. Meanwhile, for agricultural activities humans
had to stand by their crops, cope with them. Indeed, this technique were occupying most of
the daily restrained time. Another difference become that the difficulties in social life. After
the agricultural or Neolitic revolution, social lifestyles became more difficult. Because of
transition to resident lifestyles and becoming extra crowded in a spesific region than
Paleolithicage, agricultural people confronted disease ssuch as plague, lice even as there has
been no these kind of misfortunes humans confronted in Paleolithic Age. Moreover, because
of the restrained area for planting and mowing, people lived underneath assault threats
from different communities. In the Paleolithic technology, deaths had been brought about
by herbal selection, while inside the Neolithic era humans were killing each different in wars
with a view to expant their territories.
Altough neolitic revolution had good results on People lifesytle,we are, as a
humanbeing, beter think more what we’ve given up and what’ve encountered after the
Agricultural Revolution


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