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By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Geography plays a big role in the sociological and economic development of societies. The
influence of geography is seen not only in the sociological and economic base of societies, but also in
the physical base. For example, people in Northern European countries continue to develop
adolescence slowly due to the lack of vitamin D due to the cold climate and the arrival of sun rays.
Therefore, the height of Northern European people is above average. We started collecting products
in our garden while we were chasing a predatory animal for feeding with agriculture. So we had more
time to spare for ourselves. We met the diseases and became immune to them due to the crowd in
the specific region formed with the settled life. Since concepts such as private property and security
emerged, we created a system that will provide order. Societies that were able to realize this
revolution before others progressed faster than others. While people in Europe, the Mediterranean
region encountered animals that were easier to tame, they were also associated with plants rich in
seeds. After hunting-gathering, settling into life with agriculture and animal husbandry was quite
reasonable with the climatic conditions of the region. When food production reached healthier and
more demand, civilization progressed rapidly with the concept of surplus-value. The population
started to rise and the labor force increased. Along with the technological leaps and investments that
will support the increasing workforce, political systems that will regulate this crowd have also
strengthened. Spanish and Portuguese sailors were too late for them when the indigenous people,
who saw the most Llamas until that time, set foot on the American continent, met the horse. At the
same time, the indigenous peoples would not defend against the diseases that Europe had previously
experienced. The privilege that the geography bestowed on the societies first showed itself harshly
there. When he conquered the European region and brought his civilization there, he could get his
revenge in the region in the long term with the tobacco he exported to Europe. Thanks to Newton,
the questioning of the Church, the Modernism movement, the printing house of Gutenberg and even
the Protestant ethics for some regions should be taken into consideration. While indigenous people
in Africa had difficulties in accessing predators and resources to spend a significant part of the day to
meet their basic needs, or protecting / providing heat due to the cold weather as they approached
the Poles, societies in lucky regions could take time after meeting their needs. This time was devoted
to technology, scientific studies and even philosophical thoughts. At this time, divisions of labor,
labor increased and civilization advanced


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