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Lisbon Earthquake

Lisbon Earthquake

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

There are many events in the world that affect social development. The abolition of slavery,
the invention of the refrigerator, even Newton’s laws. However, the earthquake that took place in
Lisbon in 1755 is one of them.It is estimated that this destructive earthquake in 1755, which
happened on the day of Saints, was 9.0. The people were caught suddenly because the earthquake
tookplace at noon. The tsunami, which took place after the earthquake, gave the people of Lisbon
bad memories they could not forget for a long time.
The earthquake, which is thought to have occurred between 60 thousand and 100 thousand
deaths, started with a shake. The jolts were followed by fires and then the city faced the tsunami. In
the period when the church’s authority was felt the most and the church made the hardest
interventions against scientific research, it started an intellectual query when it was seen that the
church and the brothel were destroyed in the earthquake on the Day of Saints. When people called
the earthquake the “anger of God” first, it began to discuss the unrealistic abstract power of the
church over time. In the world design, the transition to the period when the mind was taken to the
center instead of religion accelerated with this earthquake. Voltaire wrote poems, painters drew
paintings. The church’s power and persuasion ability on the peoples decreased after the earthquake.


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