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No Definition, Universal Explanation

No Definition, Universal Explanation

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 25, 2020

Law has more than one explanation, but there is no common definition. Even when examined etymologically, a common root cannot be found. However, we can make a general definition of Law. Law is a body of rules in the community which is implemented by a sovereign authority. It intervenes in a possible disorder by ensuring that society and nations live among themselves in an orderly manner. Jose Saramago said that the laws emerged because the human conscience remained more silent than it should have been. Throughout history, philosophers have asked ‘if there were human have “the absolute good” and “duty ethics”, would we need laws?’. This is why one of the categorization of Law is Positive and Normative. The question of What should and What is causing this distinction. Another categorization is for Private and Public. There is a distinction between State-Public Law and Public-Public. 3. Categorization is in terms of definition and application of Law. While Substantive Law defines rights and duties, Procedural Law provides the laws of the machinery to execute rights and obligations. The last categorization is in terms of the limits of Law. In this section, which is distinguished by the names of International Law and National Law, the implementation of laws between states and the application of laws within the state are taken as basis.

There are differences according to various cultures and countries in terms of implementation as well as the definition of law. Some countries do not even have written legal laws. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that if people who are physically stronger than you do not enter your property without permission and do not apply psychological or physical violence to you, the reason of this is the rules of the Law. This is perhaps the best definition of Law after the “Judges in Berlin”.


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