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Ring of Gyges

Ring of Gyges

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 8, 2020

Gyges is a shepherd in the service of the Lydian king. One day the ground cracks due to a hurricane or an earthquake, and a deep cleft opens where the animals graze. Descending into this cleft, the shepherd finds a bronze horse with a hollow inside and a hole on the top. When you bend down and look into the horse, one sees there the dead with a golden ring on his finger, larger than he is. Take this ring and go up. The shepherds gather at the end of the month to answer the king. Gyges comes to the meeting with this ring. While sitting, he unwittingly turns the stone of the ring into his palm. As soon as you do this, it will be invisible. Everyone, there is astonished, including himself. When playing with the ring, it becomes visible again when you turn the stone. So Gyges discovers the charm of the ring: turning the stone of the ring inside becomes invisible when straightening it appears. Thereupon, he enters the palace invisibly, seduces the queen in the palace, kills the king with his help, and takes his place. What would happen if we had two rings that make one invisible, like Gyges’ ring, put one on the fingers of the right man and one on the crooked man’s fingers and let them go into the city? “They will take whatever they want without fear, they will go into houses and fall with the people they like, they will kill whoever they want, they will do whatever they want like a God who will save whoever they want from prison. Although the shepherd was rich and powerful, according to Plato, he did not benefit from it. So even though he was a king, he could not be happy. He acted unfairly and made himself unhappy. Justice is at the core of value. The just man is eternally happy. Justice in man is a harmonious state of mind governed by the mind. The person guided by reason, the just person, knows that injustice will harm his soul. An unfair behavior will set the conscientious mechanism in motion and mean its happiness. Even if you are strong and rich, you cannot be happy. So the shepherd is at a loss in this situation. Cheating and fraudulent acts like the invisibility ring do not make you happy. On the contrary, it disrupts the order and causes us to bear the moral burden we would not normally have.


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