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Unstoppable Loop

Unstoppable Loop

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

In the following years of the Industrial Revolution, the working conditions of England
and other European countries were not much different from those of current undeveloped
countries; however, with the improvement of conditions and the increase in the level of
social welfare this difference has opened up a lot. Societies whose current social welfare has
increased, evaluate the markets in undeveloped countries on their own values. But, for a
people living with concepts such as starving or washing their hands only once because lack
of money, the sevalues worriedby the West would be beyond reality. Moreover, at least
people in undeveloped countries may maintain themselves from being unemployed and
dangerous illegal jobs through sweatshops. On the other hand, when the in human solutions
applied by a company to its workers and birth control policies of other companies to prevent
female employees from falling from production is taking into consideration, these
sweatshops act contrary to humanrights and harmful. To illustrate, one of the biggest
technology company’s decision to use webs in order to prevent suicide attempts. Since there
is not an institution with sufficient power to control or restrict sweatshop in the country,
what sweatshops do for itsemployees are not fair. Where labor is exploited and human
rights are violated, development becomes individual, not social. Individual development
increases thewelfare of certain capital groups, not the people, so there is a cycle ocur sin
which workers will always have to choose towork in these sweatshops.For example, in one
of Asian country, a country where people are not allowed to walk in the same streets if their
class is not the same, it was a dream to work in sweatshops for people who were in
forgotten class of the caste system


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