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What’s in your “hand” ?

What’s in your “hand” ?

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment October 25, 2020

Once upon a time, a sage lived in a country. No matter what question he was asked, he surely had an appropriate answer. One day, a man who could not bear this situation said:

I will ask the sage such a question that he will never answer.


– So what are you going to ask, they said.


I have a butterfly in my hand. I will ask if he is dead or alive. if he answers alive, I will shake my hand and kill the butterfly; If he says dead, I will open my hand and let it fly. so for the first time, he will not be able to give an appropriate answer.


Running with this gas, the man goes to the sage and asks his question:

I have a butterfly in my hand. dead or alive


The wise answer:

– It’s in your hands!



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