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Which flower blames other because it is yellow ?

Which flower blames other because it is yellow ?

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment January 12, 2021

When the word racism is mentioned what comes to mind ? Racism is an ideology that
defensing “1>1” proposition. If we check dictionary, it defined as “ A belief that other races
of people not as good as your own.” Recently today, we can explain it as a qualmish sickness.
Racism is one of the big problems in the world but problem can be solved if take right steps.
Racism does nothing but teach you to hate people you never met before and take to
pride in accomplishment you had no part. That’s why racism has horrible effects on mankind.
One of the effect is it can cause on conflict and fighting. As we all known that maybe more
than 1 million people died –because of their own religion- in Nazi’s Concantre Camping. It
has also impact on sense of revenge to new generations.
Racism is one of the most dangerous sickness but steps must taken in order to solve this
issue. One possible way to solve this sickness is educating people about “ 1 ain’t grather than
1.” However, educating is not enough to solve. Another possible way to destroy this issue is
communicate people from other races and save them from conflict and killing.The ideal way
to solve this problem raising awarness parents. Because we must interrogate people who
converts a baby – at swaddle – to serial killer. Furthermore, everyone around the world must
know that – As Bukowski Said – “ Which flower blames other because it is yellow?”
In conclusion, racism is a big issue but problem can be solved. People and governments
should focus on this sickness. By educating, people can understand that fighting and brawling
are more expensive than reunit. For peace, we just need a heart. This problem is significant
and big issue but steps can be taken in order to solve this. Racism has so many effects that
now it is draft topic. Problem can be solved, problem will be solved and our gun will be


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