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Will of the People or the Ability to Collect Votes

Will of the People or the Ability to Collect Votes

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Although democracy is considered as the projection of the people’s thoughts to
power, it is much more than that. Democracy was criticized in the past as it is today.
Nietzsche told the French Revolutionaries that “people who were not ready to make useful
and accurate decisions about themselves had the chance to decide about the country.” Plato
said that democracy is a matter of education and maturity, so a very good infrastructure is
required. Today, democracy is criticized for the fact that the basic part of the society is not
even used in the family institution. To criticize a concept, we must first know its
surroundings. First of all, people who criticize democracy do not get much support from
criticism because they cannot offer an alternative option. It is a fact that democracy is an
educational job and there are societies that are not ready for democracy, but it should not
be forgotten that education is a long-term process. It is quite normal for democracy to
sometimes stagger at the age of development, as it is an issue that needs to be spent time
on education and awareness. In short, if there is no study about the formation of values that
strengthen the concept while criticizing a concept, this criticism will be completely
unnecessary. Democracy would be the only form of government that would be preferred if
there was a Gods nation, as JJR said. At the same time, those who have the ability to collect
votes can come to power by deceiving the public, but this does not show that they are
sufficient in state administration. However, it should not be forgotten that, since democracy
is an educational job, perhaps at least 3 or 4 generations should be educated in order to be
able to use democracy the most useful.


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