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Dispelling The Myth of Robotic Efficiency

Dispelling The Myth of Robotic Efficiency

By Ashley Riley 0 Comment December 24, 2020

In his article ” Dispelling the myth of robotic efficiency ” Crawford (2012) argues that if space travel is made to learn about the Universe, robots should be used instead of astronauts for best results. The author is right, arguing that people are more beneficial than robots and that people react according to their senses rather than waiting for instructions like robots produce more beneficial results. Emotions in humans can be more effective than the preprogrammed robots, as they are ¬†reflexes to keep us alive. Considering that humans are more practical and more efficient than current robots, Crawford proves that Apollo 17 astronauts are doing better than Mars Opportunity by giving examples of them. Although it is a little difficult to think that people can do more effective and critical work than robots, it should not be forgotten that our subject is space. Explaining that the development of technology does not reduce the cost of space exploring robots by giving examples from the rough surfaces of space, Crawford thinks that these high costs are not provided as they cannot respond to an original when they encounter an uncoded situation in the software of preprogrammed robots. Considering that what makes a living thing different from all other materials is its decision to survive instinct, the author’s attitude to robots in space exploration is quite understandable. As a result, he says, robots that become more equipped but not more intelligent with the increase in technology cannot afford the costs. His position on this issue may be correct. Because to be a space explorer, it is important to know space and feel it in space.


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