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Effects of Pandemic on Technology

Effects of Pandemic on Technology

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment April 30, 2020

The world is currently struggling with the coronavirus outbreak. People who
have not witnessed big wars, disasters or outbreaks for many years were caught off guard against
this suddenly emerging pandemic. Not only people but also companies encountered problems that
could not be calculated beforehand in the face of this sudden leap. Technology companies were
accepted one of the most affected sector in sight because, as we know, the Mobile World Congress,
which was attended by large companies, was canceled. This was followed by Facebook and Google
canceling their conferences and the difficulty of supplying technology products. When we look at
another focus behind these losses and difficulties, we can see different situations. People who
applied individual quarantine because of the epidemic did not go out on the streets, and for the first
time in their lives they started to be alone with themselves for a long time. People who are
accustomed to consumption and prosperity have begun to bring their habits outside to their homes.
Since the epidemic, sales of technology products increased even more. Especially the increase in
fitness products, game consoles and video games was seriously observed. People who had to be
deprived of walking tried to solve this problem on treadmills. People who could spare more time
because they did not go to work physically, and did not trust the hygiene of the products obtained
from the outside, started production in their own home by buying kitchen appliances. More
increases were seen compared to last month from bread machines to water heaters. In addition, the
majority of these exchanges took place online. The Internet is not only in trade, but also in every
movement with people in quarantine. Since the situation of being affected by environmental factors
is minimized thanks to quarantine, the person focuses on things that he/she did not have time or
could not be busy. The number of video views on YouTube has increased more than ever, sites with
different content have appeared more frequently than Google. I do not think it is necessary to state
that even jobs and education are carried out over the Internet.


While evaluating the state of the technology against the virus, it can be thought that the development is disrupted or the technology is badly affected by quarantine. However, given
all these conditions, technology became the biggest assistant and companion of people in the first
period of the quarantine. While considering all this, it should be kept in mind that these situations
occur by people with high levels of welfare and at the beginning of the quarantine. Because we are at the beginning of the road, we do not know its duration and dimension. Everything can be reversed when the resources of people who have to go out to earn income, or people who spend on what they have accumulated because they don’t go to work, are depleted.


Stay healthy, pay attention to social distance.


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