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“Suddenly “ Online Education

“Suddenly “ Online Education

By Yasin Alkan 0 Comment August 6, 2020

Physical participation in the university institution was very valuable in the past.
Thanks to the university, information could be accessed, the services offered by the
university could be accessed and interactions could be made with different cultures. When
we come to the 21st century, especially with the emergence and unavoidable progress of
the internet, it has become easier and faster to get information out of the monopoly of
certain people or places. For example; When a student who took an introductory course in
economics 50 years ago missed the lesson, the time he spent to make up for it is much more
than the time spent by someone who missed this lesson recently. At the same time, as the
chance of coming together with different cultures increased due to internet, this social
return belonging to the university also shifted to different fields. The 21st century reform
that had to be made started slowly with distance education, by online universities and
institutions offering online courses. However, since this process is not an revolutionary leap
but an evolutionary progression, there were not many problems that could not be calculated
While these processes are being experienced, the education sector also has set its
own tactic when the world meets a sudden and unaware pandemic. Schools were
vacationed in many parts of the world and distance education was started. Most students
continue their high school or university education online. Suddenly the transition to this
system has caused a lot of unexpected problems and schools are trying to solve these
problems themselves. For example, a school in Asia delays the field courses of technical
departments, while online courses continue in most of Europe. Some of them have canceled
their final exams while some of them apply their students under surveillance with online
It is too early to say how the solution of the problems brought by this revolutionary
leap will affect or how useful online education has been. But no matter what the Earth, if we
had been well informed beforehand, we could have had different reactions


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